The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya


The finished dining room!

Yesterday was what you might call, hectic.  Most days start off a little rushed in order to get the kids off to school on time, but after the drop-off, there is usually a bit of a lull where I can come back home, eat some breakfast, clean up breakfast, straighten up, etc., and even, oh, I don’t know, find the time to write a little something. While some of the craziness was self-imposed (taking on big projects or forgetting items that caused me to lose time), what follows is a pretty faithful account of my day yesterday. I wanted to write it down as a timeline so that I can stop being so hard on myself when I can’t seem to do it all. Because, as the evidence shows, I do get a fair amount done most of the time.

7:15 am – Wake up, breastfeed the baby, Get other two kids dressed, dress myself (our rule is you can’t eat breakfast unless you are fully dressed—including socks!)

7:40 am – Get breakfast ready for older two kids. Make and wrap sandwich for my daughter’s lunch.

7:55 am –  Head upstairs to change baby’s diaper and put her in fresh clothes. Brush my teeth. Call down to the kids to brush their teeth and put on their shoes.

8:02 am – Head downstairs to sign daughter’s homework sheet; discover she had forged my signature. Discuss the fact that she’s not supposed to do that. Sign the sheet and “remind” her to fill in her reading log.

8:09 am – Get son’s sweatshirt on, put baby in car seat, hand daughter her backpack and sweater. Get stroller from car trunk, snap in carseat.

8:12 am8:20 am – RUN TO SCHOOL.

8:21 am9:00 am – Realize I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast. Stop off at coffee shop on way home to get son some steamed milk; decaf and slice of frittata for me.  Walk home.

9:10 am – Search around like a crazy person for a stack of important papers I need to register son for kindergarten today. Can’t find it anywhere; text husband to ask if he moved it someplace. He did. Find them, realize I still need a copy of our last utility bill.

9:25 am – Nurse baby. Change baby’s diaper. Grab a protein bar and fill up the water bottle.

9:50 am – Drop son off at preschool. Go to the store to buy new curtains for the dining room. Drive home.

10:30 am – Put baby down on her activity mat. Realize I never put my daughter’s lunch in her lunchbox. Pack her sandwich and some snacks in a bag to drop off later. Change into my painting clothes and continue painting the walls in the dining room (started the previous day) in order to finish before husband comes home from his trip tonight.

11:05 am – Put baby in car, drop off daughter’s lunch at school, drive to utility company to get a copy of my bill. Wait in line. Wonder if I’m going to be late for my 11:20 registration appointment. Get bill. Rush to car. Click carseat into base. Drive fast (but safely). Eat protein bar.

11:23 am – Park in front of school district offices. I forgo the stroller base to save time, since the entrance is nearby. Enter the building. Find out that the registration office is around the other side of this large building. Run around building (safely) while carrying a 16-pound baby in her 10-pound carseat.

11:26 am – Arrive at registration office for my 11:20 appointment. Register son for kindergarten (YAY!). Drive home.

11:30 am – Feed baby. Change baby’s diaper. Dress her in fresh clothes (she’s spitting up a lot and also teething, so she is going through clothes like crazy!).

11:40 am2:30 pm – Hang up new curtains. Discover that three valances are too many for the rod and that  two are too few to cover the ugly metal rod. Get the idea to cut the extra valance in a decorative way to put it in the middle, thus covering up the ugly white metal bar. It works, sort of. Decide to live with it.  Hang up some artwork in the painted dining room. Feed baby. Change back into my regular (i.e., presentable) clothes.

2:40 pm – Receive a box of hand-me-downs for my son from a parent of my daughter’s classmate. Set box aside to go through later. Strap baby in her carseat and get stroller base out of the trunk. RUN TO SCHOOL for 2:50 pm pickup.

2:53 pm – Pick up daughter and her friend for a playdate at our house, walk home.

3:05 pm – Prepare snack for girls (carrots and hummus). Realize I didn’t eat lunch. Have some carrots and hummus myself. Realize the hummus smells like vomit. Decide to make some homemade guacamole instead. Girls go upstairs to play.

3:12 pm – Feed baby. Change her diaper. Spend some time on the floor doing tummy time. Put baby on her play mat. She falls asleep. Change back into painting clothes to finish the edges of the wall below the ceiling. Get the ladder from outside.

4:08 pm – 5:15 pm  – Paint dining room. Finish 1/2 of the top edge. Pick up baby, feed her, change her diaper. Say good-bye to daughter’s friend. Put baby in carseat, click carseat in base. Take daughter with us to pick up son at preschool. Drive home.

5:58 pm – Arrive home. Put baby in her bouncy chair. She’s crying. Boil water for pasta, put meatless meatballs in sauce. Set the table. Eat dinner with baby on my lap.

6:40 pm – 7:30 pm – Ask daughter to hold baby. Get son’s pajama’s on and help him brush his teeth. Daughter reads Ice Trap!: Shackelton’s Incredible Expedition to my son while I give the baby a bath, give her a massage, and get her bedtime clothes on. Feed the baby. Put her down in her crib.

7:32 pm – Say good-night to son. Say thank-you (!) to daughter, ask her to put on her jammies and brush her teeth. Change back into my painting clothes.

7:35 pm – 9:29 pm – Finish painting all the top edges of the wall. Use roller to touch up spots on the lower walls; use brush to touch up around window and door trim. Put furniture back where it belongs. Move ladder out to back deck. Clean out brushes, put painting supplies back in garage. Sweep up the floor. Unpack painting that will go on dining room wall. Love it!

9:30 pm – Go upstairs to check on the kids. Baby is still sleeping. Son is sleeping sideways on his bed, uncovered. Cover him up. Daughter is still reading. Tell her the time. Tell her she needs to go to bed. But first, she can come downstairs to see the painting she’s been curious about. She loves it! Hug daughter, send her up to bed.

9:45 pm – Get a glass of water and a bowl of pretzels (I know, carbs this late? I must be crazy!) and head downstairs to the TV room to relax and watch something mindless. The Bachelor is on. Okay maybe something a little more mindful.

10:00 pm – Hear husband come in the door upstairs. Wait for an audible reaction to my finished “project” in the dining room. Hear “This looks great!”. I go upstairs. We chat about his trip, our weekend plans, what a great job I did painting the dining room. I realize how tired I am but also that my mind is racing too fast to go to sleep just yet. I pour myself a glass of wine. Head downstairs to watch the tail-end of the news.

11:00 pm  – Go to bed.

So, I ended the day yesterday a little bummed that I hadn’t had a chance to write. We didn’t get to the park, either, and the baby spent more time in her carseat than I would have liked because we were rushing from place to place. My original intent for this blog was to write every day, but sometimes, it’s just not possible to cram it into the day. Sometimes I just need to get through it. Sometimes, I need to cut myself some slack—and realize that not being able to do everything I want to in a day doesn’t make me a slacker. It just means that I’m doing the best I can. And really, isn’t that all anyone can do?

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