Treasure Hunting

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Alameda Point Antiques FairThere’s nothing quite like the thrill of scoring a deal. I can still remember going to a garage sale with my cousins when I was in second grade. Trolling the aisles between tables, looking for the perfect treasure. I ended up buying a shell necklace for fifty-cents. Mind you, this was in the seventies, so it’s likely I paid what the thing was worth, but I still felt the thrill of finding something special in an unexpected place.

Maybe that explains my love of television shows like Antiques Roadshow and Storage Wars. Honestly, if I were home nursing the flu and stuck on the sofa, I could easily watch four episodes of Storage Wars in a row. At least.

And, it would seem, I’m not the only one watching. Storage Wars is officially the most popular show in A&E’s (the network on which it airs) history. The show follows a group of characters around to storage facilities in California as they bid on unclaimed units in the hope of turning the biggest profit on the units they win. While part of the fun of the show is in the interplay between the characters, what I love best about the show is the excitement over the hunt for “the find”.

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